Lexington Service Solutions, Inc. 

Sasa Cibula is the founder and CEO of Lexington Service Solutions, Inc. His expereince spans thru several industries including manufacturing, law-enforcement, retail, and building services.  In 2005, he earned a BA in Criminal Justice Administration from Columbia College.  In 2008, he earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Sullivan University, and currently he is a PhD Candidate in Organizational Management. 

He started this business after identifying a need for a one-stop quality services solution in the Lexington area. Originally, LSS started as a cleaning service in Lexington.  High quality cleaning made the service popular and eventually it evolved into a full service company providing cleaning, janitorial, lawn care, and home repair services. 

In addition to running LSS, Sasa is working on business planning and consulting firm start-up as well as spending time advising new business owners thru businessadvising.org. 

Zuhra Cibula is the Operations Manager for Lexington Service Solutions, Inc.  She is the heart of the operation with responsibilities for training, quality control, and customer satisfaction.  Zuhra was an established entrepreneur already having owned a restaurant and a cleaning service in the past. She graduated from vocational school in Bosnia and Hercegovina majoring in retail and customer service.  She also holds a RBSM certification. 

Zuhra came to the United States in 1999 as a Bosnian refugee and is a genocide survivor.  Her experiences make her a very valuable and strong asset for the company.  She is currently working with several of our clients to establish a presence for LSS, Inc. in the Louisville market.  More to come on that soon :-).  

In late 2014 my wife and I decided that to many of our friends were complaining about the quality of cleaning services they were receiving.  Based on that feedback and further market research, we decided that Lexington and surrounding areas had an opportunity gap for a premium cleaning service.  We decided to start a residential cleaning service on a very small budget, so at that time, my wife quit her job and began cleaning a few homes with focus on quality in service and client communications.  This is how iShine Cleaning Company, LLC was born. Within two months we hired our first employee and ever since then it has been one crazy ride.  By end of 2016 we had close to 100 clients.  

As we grew, many of our clients began asking about other services such as property management, painting, floor installation, lawn mowing, and landscaping.  They continually had issues finding reliable, quality help at reasonable prices.  We saw an opportunity in that and decided to jump in with both of our feet.  

Strategically, we decided to change the company name and structure to Lexington Service Solutions, Inc. so that it reflects and aligns better with our future goals.  In addition, both of us received additional training to ensure we can deliver on our promise to be the premier services provider in the Lexington area.  Furthermore, we heavily invested into client and service management software and employee training. 

And here we are - working hard on our American dream and doing the best we can to help our employees grow and prosper together with us. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I value that very much and look forward to service your home or business.  

Sasa Cibula, MBA 



Let us be the solution for your home or business service needs. Whether you need cleaning in Lexington, lawn care in Lexington, or quality home services in Lexington - let us be your one-stop solution.