Great house and office cleaning services in Lexington 

formerly iShine Cleaning Company, LLC
2539 Regency Rd. Suite #103, Lexington, KY 40503


Lexington Service Solutions, Inc. is very serious about how it goes to business.  We pay above average rates and hire only the best candidates.  No offer is made before a nationwide background check is run and a 10-panel drug test completed.  Following that, our employees receive technical, customer service, and safety training in a classroom setting and then get practical training and evaluation from our operations manager.  This ensures that only quality people enter your home or business.

Second reason to hire us is our insurance coverage.  As a serious contender for your business, we make sure that our employees; our company as well as your property is insured.  Carrying comprehensive multi-million dollar general liability policy and workers compensation coverage does this.  You can request either certificate at any time and we will happily provide it as proof.

Third reasons to hire us are references.  We can provide many residential and commercial references at your request.  In fact all of our clients have happily confirmed our outstanding performance in the past.  Just let us know and we will provide you with contact info of as many clients as you think you need to make an educated, informed decision about hiring us.

Fourth aspect of a reputable cleaning service provide is whether they comply with local, state, and federal laws regarding their industry.  Many small providers pay their staff with cash "under the table" to save some of the costs that are part of the business.  In addition to committing an illegal act, those providers place your property at risk because in case of injury or damage, you will beheld liable as an employer.  Please always ask for certificates of insurance. 

Last, but not least, please evaluate your potential cleaning services provider by their appearance.  If they look professional and are clean, then you will likely receive that kind of work from them.  If they do not appear professional and wear dirty uniforms or clothes, then you will likely receive low quality work. 

Thank you for your consideration of our services.  We look forward to working with you and making sure your cleaning needs and expectations are met or exceeded.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to answer any of your questions.

Thank you;

Sasa Cibula, MBA 

Hiring a cleaning company is an important decision.  After all, you will allow somebody to access your home or business and you want to know that your property will be treated with the respect it deserves.  This is why we make every effort to provide our clients with staff that has passed background checks, drug screens, received excellent training, and that is fully insured.  

We continually sign on clients who want to improve their standard of living with a dependable, affordable, and safe cleaning service.  If you are looking for service first time or looking to move on from your current provider, please read our text below to learn more about how to select a dependable and trustworthy cleaning service.  Even if you choose to give your business to someone else, the tips below will save you some headache down the road.